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REVIEW: Rick and Morty Action Figures

I actually have a variety of favorite suggests, and a number of them are animated. But my present-day number one out of all of those is Rick and Morty, a hysterical ode to all the best genres. While the show has been a large hit with the nerd crowd over the last couple of years, it is taken some time to get products. Of course, now it’s flooding in. I’m protecting wave 1 tonight, which incorporates Rick, Morty, Mr. Poopybutthole, Birdperson, and Mr. Meeseeks. Buy all 5 and you could build Snowball in his robot armor. These are doping up at mass outlets first, and I found my set on the nearby Target. You can get them at maximum online outlets as properly, wherein they’ll run you around $6.68 each. I just like the pics and layout of those cards. They went with a pretty well-known Rick and Morty coming through a portal’ history, and they’ve introduced inside the Schrodinger’s cats, which appears to be a common with the products right now

.REVIEW: Rick and Morty Action Figures

This is NOT collector pleasant packaging. You’ll cut or tear the bubble of the card to get them open. While that’s now not perfect, it’s comprehensible. One of the effective factors is in the bubble – the plastic tray genuinely has any other plastic cover over it, disposing of the want for twisties. Before we begin, here is a refresher at the appearance of the characters in question. This is Rick, of direction, then there’s his grandson Morty and his Rick’s exceptional buddy Birdperson. Mr. Meeseeks become only in a single episode, but there has been a whole lot of him.  Mr. Poopybutthole has had a bit more play however continues to be a critical B character, and the BAF is Snowball, any other quite minor however very famous person from the primary season.I’ve talked about this before – humans anticipate it is smooth to create figures based on cartoons. They are not special, they aren’t complex…They’re simply cartoons! How hard can it be? Very.

The appearance of an individual shift continuously, even from cellular to cell, and going from two dimensions to three is constantly a chief mission for a flat photograph. Just because it’s a cartoon, doesn’t suggest it’s a given that the figures might be clean or best. Out of the whole wave, I actually have to mention that Snowball in his armor is my favorite.  You glaringly get one piece with each of the other five figures and snap them collectively to create the BAF. The scale’s off, with him coming in at just three half of” tall (the smallest of the six). Of route, it is usually difficult to make certain, due to the fact that this stuff exchange from scene to scene in maximum lively suggests. Here, while he is status on Summer’s bed (“Summer, where are my testicles?”) he appears quite small. But when we see him with Morty, Snowball is commonly taller than his cherished ‘puppy’. Here’s an exquisite organization shot for assessment, and you could see he is genuinely no longer shorter than Morty. Ignoring scale issues, the sculpt is solid.

I like the amount of element, and it matches with the on-display appearance. It’s possibly unfortunate which you have to buy the entire wave to get the first-rate figure, but you desired all of them besides, right? Morty is on the alternative stop of that spectrum, and I’m truly no longer feeling this determine in any respect. Standing four half of” tall, the scale is quite God awful. His manner too big, status well above Rick’s shoulder, and he is too bulky, thicker than Rick.  Snowball’s size would not be as a whole lot of trouble in the event that they’d gotten Morty somewhere inside the standard community, but he is now not even inside the right zip code. On top of that, the sculpt is weak.  The hair is almost completely featureless, looking like a brown cap smacked on his head. It even covers one in every one of his eyebrows, implying that it isn’t always attached correctly. I’ll admit, the hair is quite damn featureless on the show too, however, due to the fact it sits returned similarly on the head, it appears much less ‘hat-like’.Then there’s the problem of the neck. He does not genuinely have a neck on the display, and they tried to duplicate that right here. This is a REALLY tough thing to translate into 3 dimensions. The hassle is simple – with a flat picture, the pinnacle and chin can cover the shoulders and neck. Translated to an active parent, and it looks like the pinnacle is sitting down inside the shirt, in preference to over it. This is a common problem, and there’s no easy answer. Still, it doesn’t paintings for me. Add in eyes that appear too large, a nose that appears too small, and the general look of this figure is huge unhappiness. Poopybutthole is available in at four 1/4″…And that is every other discern in which the dimensions is manner off. He’s plenty too huge, creating an unusual appearance with the rest of the line. The basic sculpt and design of the parent on its very own is satisfactory, but when paired with the other characters the scale issues are glaring.

REVIEW: Rick and Morty Action Figures

In among, we’ve Birdperson (status 5 1/4″), Mr. Meeseeks (standing five”), and Rick himself (the tallest at five 1/2″ way to his spiky hair). All 3 of those are a whole lot higher. I nevertheless have a few issues with their potential to capture the real look, but it is near enough for me. I especially like the way Meeseeks got here out, with a barely stylized take on the layout. In the final photograph, you’ll get a shot of all of them collectively so you can compare scale your self. The paint exceptional is quite sloppy all across the board, but Morty is the worst of the bunch. The white eyes have bad edges, and the black students are a tad google. Worse, the hair is aligned on top of the top to some distance ahead, nearly completely masking one eyebrow. In hand, you can not even see the left brow, giving him a sincerely freaky appearance.

The different 5 are truly higher than that, but they still all have first-class issues.  Bird individual has the maximum element, and he has the most slop, specifically across the cape and collar. Rick’s eyes are quite horrific, or even a figure as easy as Poopybutthole ends up with bad cut lines.Mr. Meeseeks *almost* managed a higher score…But he has this sort of excessive gloss at the plastic that it clashes with the rest of the line. At least his typical great is higher. These figures have greater articulation than maximum Funko figures on any scale, in particular, the ReAction stuff, but even the brand new 9POA line. There’s a ball jointed neck, rotating hinge shoulders and hips, pin elbows and knees, and reduce wrists and ankles. That’s the same old stuff, with more than one the figures varying from there. For instance, Birdperson provides inside the articulated wings that could fold down in the back of his back, or move out in a flight role.  Going the opposite manner, Mr. Poopybutthole has simply the cut neck, cut shoulders, reduce wrists, and simple T hips. Here’s the hassle – there may be lots of joints, however, they may be horrible.

Getting the figures to stand is a problem, even in simple poses.  The hips are actually weird, with the rotating hinges mixed with an atypical V cut layout.  As you switch the hip, you experience it ‘pop’, and I became constantly involved approximately breaking one.  Color me unimpressed. As mentioned, every determine comes with a piece of Snowball inside the robotic mobility healthy.  Snowball himself is an accessory, and at the same time as BAF’s on occasion include their own add-ons, it’s very uncommon. I won’t be protecting it in opposition to Snowball. Bird character simplest has the BAF piece, so he gets the base common of **half of. Morty comes with one additional more – the blaster he’s used on several events at the show. If I’m now not improper, it’s the only Beth shoots Poopybutthole with…However, I’m going off memory right here. It fits in his hand and has an inexpensive caricature sculpt and paint activity. Speaking of Mr. Poopybutthole, he comes with two accessories very unique to his short look in an episode bumper. In this shot, he’s recovered from his wounds but requires a cane and ache drugs. The parent includes the cane and the small tablet bottle. Again, those in shape inside the fingers smartly.

Likewise, Meeseeks comes with very episode specific extras: a golf club and a handgun. While each makes the ideal experience with this man or woman, they may make an even higher sense when we have a Jerry to go with him. Finally, there’s Rick. He has his portal gun and a small, silver flask.  Again, each fit in his fingers nicely, and even as the detail paintings at the portal gun is a chunk looking, it is still a reasonably properly facsimile. Buy now Rick and Morty Action Figures at Rick and Morty Stuff !

REVIEW: Rick and Morty Action Figures

The wonky articulation hurts them right here. You can get sitting poses, but getting desirable standing poses is irritating, and frustration is by no means conducive to ‘a laugh’.

At $12 every, these are not cheap, even for five” scale figure. But it’s more of a difficulty of the determine satisfactory for the price point, and the paint, sculpt and articulation just are not wherein they want to be to command this great.REVIEW: Rick and Morty Action Figures

Trying to paintings with the hips became freaking me out. I idea I changed into going to interrupt something for positive. I did not, but I’d be very cautious whilst working with them.

I had pretty excessive hopes for these, and it is been awhile on the grounds that we got a certainly brilliant cartoon line. Sadly, this is not one.

REVIEW: Rick and Morty Action FiguresTo be honest, the most effective really lousy discern inside the organization is Morty. The hassle is he is one-half of-of the identity of the show – getting him proper is pretty vital to the complete line.

My favorite general is clear – Snowball. I can live with Rick, Meeseeks, and Birdperson, and I’m hoping we see the paint exceptional improve on any future waves.

And it’s why I constantly say, “Shum-Shum-slippery-dop!”

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