Rick And Morty Stuff Officially Changed The Domain Name

Rick And Morty Stuff would like to inform customers about the official domain name change since February 7, 2021, specifically:

  • Previous domain:
  • New domain (official):

Dear Customer!

Rick And Morty Stuff has been operating for over 2 years under the domain name After 2 years of extremely successful operation, we realize that this is the right time to change and bring a website to be more popular with customers. The change of email domain name and the upcoming website domain is aimed at creating the uniformity of Rick And Morty’s brand name on the media to make it easier for customers, partners, and investors to remember. Therefore, customers, partners, investors, please update the email address of Rick And Morty Stuff that is stored in the directory through the new domain name to facilitate communication in the near future.

So the editor of the Rick And Morty Stuff website officially announced, we will be going from to from 7 February 2021. We also want to note the following

  • This change does not affect the account, the activities of the customer, or our software system.
  • Our extension has completed “update” to switch to connecting with the new domain name:
  • All new articles and software will be updated to the new website.

After February 7, 2021, Rick And Morty Stuff will disable the domain name and can only receive emails from you via the domain name

We hope customers, partners, and investors note this important change and update it quickly.

Best regards.

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